“I’m Sam Schwarz, a Coos County native, born and raised on the edge of the Elliott State Forest. I grew up eating salmon from the river and food from our family garden. This is our home and our children’s home and we must work together to build a strong, sustainable economy now and for future generations. I don’t play politics and I will work hard for all of us.”

Sam is an innovative problem solver and will be an asset to you as your Coos County Commissioner. He will help lead the building of a locally focused and flourishing economy. An economy that keeps families in a prosperous community that all can be proud of and benefit from. He will focus on bringing people together to explore opportunities, strengthen links between industry and a healthy environment while achieving long-term economic and community vitality.

Coos County is rich in resources and we all deserve to share in that abundance – clean water and air, productive forests and ocean, and hard-working citizens. As politicians and corporations attempt to dominate our birthright, communities and people are struggling and suffering. Our independence is critical to our success in enriching our lives right here at home.

Sam Schwarz is a builder, technician and entrepreneur. He holds a US Patent for his lighting innovations and built a successful business locally. Sam knows the value of Oregon work ethic and the importance of job training. He knows that you have ideas that need to be shared. Working together we will find solutions to unemployment, housing insecurity and other challenges through better resource management, job creation and training.

We have an opportunity to utilize our resources and skills for the common good. Sam will be our voice and will stand up for the heart of Coos County.

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