The Following was submitted to the League of woman voters

University of Oregon B of A, Cum Laud.
Ford Family Institute for Leadership.
Surfrider Foundation, Coos Bay Chapter Chair.

Vast experience working with Gov't Officials and NGO's.

I currently sit on the steering committee for Oregon Coast Energy Alliance Network (OCEAN) which consists of a broad representation of Professionals, Tribal Leaders and an Elected Official. Go to

Campaign Questions:

What do you see as the County's major needs and goals?

Coos County needs employment opportunities that support family wage jobs. Goals should be centered around long-term economic & social stability, with access to education, healthcare and affordable housing. Ten years ago the Sustainable Development Assessment Team (SDAT) made "key recommendations" for Coos County, including: Environment, Economic Development, Cooperation and Planning, Downtown Centers, and Transportation. I plan to implement the SDAT recommendations, found at

What experience have you had that will help you be a good steward of taxpayer dollars?

As an entrepreneur and successful business owner I have learned to prioritize practicality and common sense, reinvesting capital back into my businesses, promoting long-term viability. I strive to maintain high efficiency in all fiduciary responsibilities by being resourceful, getting the job done at minimal expense and low waste while generating gains. I do not support the increased taxation of our working class and the burdening of small businesses.

How would you strengthen the county’s working relationships with surrounding jurisdictions on issues like transportation, policing, social services, and the economy?

Collaboration is key. I have built long standing allies with many individuals in the surrounding jurisdictions, strengthening relationships between Coos, Curry and Douglas Counties. Being open, honest and diplomatic with conflicting points of view, while serving my community with the highest regard, allows a safe platform for positive change. As a lifelong resident of Coos County, it is an honor to meet and work side by side with those dedicated to the vitality and enrichment of our region.

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