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I am Coos County Native, born and raised on the West Fork of the Millicoma River, nestled in the woods on the  southwestern edge of the Elliott State Forest.  Attending local D9 schools, I graduated early from Marshfield High School with the class of 1998.


"Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate", as Pirate Ted always said.

What Ted said is true, especially for me, with two boats moored at the Coos Bay City Dock totaling 93 feet.  The Liberty Ship is a 50' two masted ketch rigged sailing vessel in which I have spent many a day and night over the years. The Nor' Gale is a classic wooden salmon trawler that we tuned to be our Albacore slayer, ready for the big deep blue, bringing fresh bled and iced tuna to the people for three years now.  Both boats have been major restoration projects out in the Charleston Shipyard.

Enough about boats, for now..  I am a builder and a fabricator. Out of necessity I learned to mechanic at a young age. Started welding at MHS and have been doing so ever since. Machining and technology come natural. Took to hand drafting in middle school and AutoCAD in HS, which landed me work in Architecture and Design throughout my life. Learned the finer arts of sculpture and ceramics, foundry work casting bronze and aluminum as well as the techniques of glass blowing. Skills acquired have enabled me to bring in revenue while granting myself the freedoms of self-employment.  Hard work is a way of life. The days typically run long, from early morning to sometimes  very late nights in order to complete projects for clients on time. 

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Current Events: We are in the middle of a Global Pandemic, where little in politics is certain, nor is the news trustworthy. Rest assured, that there are many efforts being made by exceptional individuals within our community to maintain an even keel; we are preparing for the long-haul.  While we lack vital information, businesses are failing. We must take action. Schools have shut down without the tools to educate their students. Teachers are adapting quickly and learning new methods to reach their students. Children are stuck at home with increasing domestic disturbances. We must help one another where we are able. The list goes on.  Reach out if you need help. Offer a helping hand to your neighbors. Check on the elderly regularly. Resources are available.

I for one, am grateful to live here in Coos County, where we are much more prepared to be resilient under such pressing conditions. I know that our community will continue to find the solutions that will keep us strong in the face of the unknown. Bless you all. This is my prayer.


Beyond that, I am an avid outdoors man and love the woods. Here in Coos County, we are prepared to adapt and overcome. Surfing, swimming and sailing are some of my favorite things to do.

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